Van Camping, Part One

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I've caught the van camping bug (again)! There are so many great websites on van conversions that I've been inspired by, as well as friends who are living the van lifestyle. I've been towing with Chestnut, my 1969 GMC, but lately she just has been wanting to take a break. G and I have been sharing the GMC Van until he recently bought a pick up truck for work. This is my chance for a van takeover makeover!!

I went to Malibu this week for an Airstream rental with my Luxe Lounge, and it was my opportunity to dial in the van again for van camping. Even though I regularly have an Airstream in tow, I often leave it with the client for a couple of days, have long stretches of driving to do, or I have this Airstream with me, which is set up like a lounge. It's nice to have the option of pulling over and to take a snooze in the van, find some shade from the heat while on set, make a cup of coffee, or catch up on emails in the van 'lounge'. I feel very at home in there.

So, back to styling out the van... This time I went with a coastal theme. Here are pics for you, including one from my campsite at the edge of the sand. This is super "dry camping", but it worked for me and I love the simplicity of it. As for traveling for extended periods of time in more extreme temperatures, I'd definitely need more amenities. Yet for this type of trip, it was everything I needed.

I'm all about van camping. I like thinking about every item that goes into the van to try and keep it as minimal, comfortable, and nice to look at as possible. If you're interested in researching van camping, YouTube has some great videos of what fellow travelers have done to make their van just right for their travels. Happy van camping!


Outside Inn said...

Love it! I should've looked inside.

Kristiana Spaulding said...

Thank you! It's coming along. Somehow I have so much extra room under the bed in this space. I guess I'll reserve that for treasures I come across in my travels!
Thanks again for the fun visit.