Full circle - Silver Trailer Airstream camping rentals

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Do you remember this piece of press from 2009? Well, maybe not, but I sure do. 

It was 2009, and it was huge for my Airstream rental business. A LOT of people contacted me after that post! The Coloma Resort is just up the river from our house in the Sierra foothills, and is one of my all time favorite campgrounds. I loved towing my 1967 Airstream Trade Wind the 1.3 miles down the road, setting up and styling out the campsite. What I loved even more, was reading the happy reviews of campers when I picked it the trailer up. That's pretty feel good stuff, when a family says it was one of the best vacations they every had!

A few months after that press came out, I accepted the two month TLC rental traveling down the east coast with Osa Pony, with my 1969 GMC towing the Trade Wind behind us.

After that trip I was hooked on the idea of renting my Airstream for commercial rentals- video and photo shoots. I loved the camping rentals, but the delivering and picking up limited my ability to travel. I can honestly say I've loved every single commercial rental I've been on, sometimes I pinch myself on the drive home (like on the way home from the Miranda Lambert music video my Airstream Globetrotter was in last month).  I feel grateful for the lifestyle my business offers me, for all of the people I've met along the way, the locations I've been fortunate to have access to, and all I've learned on my travels- from others and from myself. 

Silver Trailer rental at the Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas

Fast forward to last year when Daniella Faieta, the daughter of the owners of the Coloma Resort pitched the idea of having a vintage Airstream park within their campground, starting with, you guessed it, my Airstream Trade Wind. This week we delivered my trailer to the park, and soon after my 1960 Airstream Caravel and 1962 Bambi will follow. 

Daniella picked up a couple of Airstreams of her own, and we will collaborate on designs for her silver babies this fall. It will be a fun way to have a "big reveal" for each trailer upon it's completion.

What a great way to share my trailer with fellow Airstream lovers, and still have the flexibility to travel. I love when good things come around full circle, especially new and improved good things!

We are still fine tuning the details with the park, so stay tuned for details...! I can tell you that the Trade Wind will be available for rent starting May 1st, 2015 and there is no longer a 4 day minimum. Check this page http://www.colomaresort.com/airstream.php as we get closer.

UPDATE: Sept. 2015
We've decided to put this collaboration on a long term hold, but will continue to plan fun events together in the future. 

Silver Trailer will be placing Airstreams in other locations with this similar model. Stay tuned!

Silver Trailer / Vintage Airstream Park at the Coloma Resort taking shape


Krista ~ My Northwoods Life said...

I used to LOVE to read Daily Candy and this was a great post by them for sure!! So sad they went away!

Kristiana Spaulding said...


Daily Candy was a great read, you're right! They were ahead of their time for sure. Thanks for the comment!