Camping & photo shoot with Alison and Marie Claire

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alison, Kristiana & Osa, aka the "van chicks"
I'm headed to Big Sur, California today with my Airstream Caravel in tow and Osa as co-pilot. It's a part camping, part photo shoot adventure.

My friend Alison was contacted by Marie Claire magazine, the French edition, about being included in an article on women who camp. Alison accepted and told them about me. So this is the week that we meet up in Big Sur for the shoot. Should be fun, and interesting since it's dry camping; makes for interesting uhh, "natural girl" photos. Good thing we're both pretty low maintenance, our doggies too.

Alison is one of my besties- she's my new old friend. It feels like I grew up with her, by the way we know each other, our quirks and personal tastes.
We have become compatible road trip sisters and now that she has her Eurovan and I have my van, "Holiday, we're the "Van Chicks".

Two summers ago Alison was road tripping east from California with Max, while I was headed on my return road trip west with Osa. We somehow coordinated to meet right on the fold of my road map, in South Dakota. Seeing a friend while you're miles and miles from home is a treat. It's a comfort and a way to process what you've seen and learned up to that point. It's sharing stories over weak coffee at a greasy spoon diner. It's learning about eachother's childhood stories and putting together the puzzle pieces. It recharges the batteries for the rest of the trip.

Thanks, Alison, for the endless inspiration, brainstorm sessions and fun friendship. I look forward to our adventure this week!

How about you? Do you have a friend you love to road trip with?


Anonymous said...

sounds awesome and you're back! i saw you as i was driving down main street today:) i honked (weakly).

Kristiana Spaulding said...

It was amazing! I heard a beep- now I know it was you!

Isn't it nice that so few people honk in Pville that it's usually someone saying hello?! Good living. Let's have lunch sometime next week...

Alison said...

Awwww, what a sweet post!

Thank you for your words...made my day! I feel that we connected right away. I "get" you and I think we have so much fun together on the road! I look forward to the big event in a few weeks!

Let's cross our fingers for no thunderstorms! I might have to get a thunder jacket for myself!