Copenhagen, Day 8: Floating Hotel

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boathouses. That's the next big thing... at least in my world. I searched before I left for a boathouse I could stay in here in or around Copenhagen. While I did end up finding two great houseboats to stay in, the one boat I really wanted to stay in was booked. While walking on the canal, I stooped in my tracks when I saw this floating hotel, CPHLiving just two blocks from my apartment. I HAD to stay there!

CPHLiving floating hotel in Copenhagen

I met Morten and Rose, a sweet couple who run the hotel and they told me I had the option of an upstairs or downstairs room. I asked to see both options (hey, this was a major decision!). I thought for sure I'd want to stay on a top room, but when Rose opened the door to room #3, the same room I photographed the day I saw the hotel, I was breathless! There was no mistaking being on the water in this room, you were right there with the action. So room #3 it was.

My room from the water side of the room.

desk in room #3

To get my top floor fix, I hung out on the rooftop deck where they have a jumbo hammock as well as tables and chairs to hang out in.

view from the rooftop at night

I had an amazing day, watching all of the boats go by and saying hello to kayakers who would pass right by my open door. When G is with me, we'll stay in a room upstairs for more privacy, for me this time, it was a fun and social place to stay, bobbing right on the water. CPHLiving : Highly recommended!

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