A visual packing list: 10 days in Europe / 10 essentials

Monday, August 20, 2012

Okay, I have a secret. I'm a chronic packer and re-packer. Packing is such a science, and I want to get it just right every time. What can I say? I'm into small space efficiency, it's my thing- so when my husband walks into the garage sees me at the vice taking a hacksaw to my toothbrush to make it smaller, he doesn't bat an eye. (Those dinky travel toothbrushes just don't cut it, am I right?).
Ladies and gentlemen... I got it right this time after 20 years of international packing!
I'm at the end of my 10 day trip in Europe (and almost 2 weeks in NY before that). I made a visual reference guide to refer to next time I'm in a packing crisis. This is more or less what I packed for 10 days in Denmark in August- 70 degree days on average. I have a carry on suitcase that I still have room in to bring home a tablecloth, soap dispenser and some other gifts. (Not shown are ballet flats for the plane). I'd also like if I had packed my Modaspia summer dress for the beach and mayyyybe my ipad. I really only missed it for these blog posts.  If you're a guy reading this, hopefully you can get the basics from this list, like swap our the skirts for dress shorts or pants.
My messenger bag was great for biking around Copenhagen and my overnight trip to the beach. Other times I would grab my clutch and a collapsible shopping bag.

Here are the top 10 essentials I was glad to have with me:
1. Ortlieb messenger bag
2. Fossil wristlet
3. Sketchbook, pen, small scissors, and washi tape. You can bring small scissors on the plane if you put them in plain sight with your toiletries through airport security.
4. Passport and ticket holder (also holds foreign currency, itinerary, tickets, memo pad, pen)
5. Targus travel adapter / iphone / ipad charger
6. Pouch to hold electronics including headphones for the plane
8. Zip pouch to hold bras & underwear
9. Zip pouch to hold rolled up tank tops, shirts and scarves
10. Sneaker flats

Hope that helps anyone else in the "pack and repack" club! Happy travels.


Anonymous said...

i spy the parisienne dress in there !

Kristiana Spaulding said...

Oh you better believe it! I got some serious mileage out of the little black dress! Just changed the jewelry or scarf & voila! Thought of you and your fab dresses! www.modaspia.com

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