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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It must be the fact that it's September and the school kid in me is ready to set out my outfit for the next day and start anew. Well, it's also time to shape up, and that means visiting the gym again. No one would accuse me of being a morning person, so having my workout stuff ready to go by the door in a nice retro bundle seemed the best way to go. This little blue bowling bag came with our house when we bought it, and it was either time to put the bag to use, or time to drop it off at the thrift store.
I decided to turn my little blue bowling bag in to a gym bag. I didn't alter a thing, just unzipped and inserted the items I'd need while my eyes are half open:

~Gym bag - you can find one at a second hand store
~Sneakers (these can be covered with those clear hotel shower caps if you'd like
~Towel- one of those quick dry travel ones
~Toiletries - tucked in the front pocket
~Headphones - they hang nicely on the metal support.
~Change of clothes.
Now to get myself out the door...!


Jay said...

oh, oh, about inspiration! makes me want to go out and buy a bowling bag and "pretend" that I work out. thanks for sharing your ideas, kris!!!!!

Kristiana Spaulding said...

You are too cute, thanks Jay. You could have a retro art storage bowling bag! Plenty of room for washi tape in there...