Denmark: Day 7. Train to Hornbæk

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Well, so far I've traveled by bike, car, and by foot on this trip, so it was time to take the train. I heard about a quaint beach town called, Hornbæk, so I headed up north with a stop off at the famous, Louisiana museum. Boy, to a non-Danish speaker, some of the towns en route sound very similar.
"You take the S train in Kobenhavn to Humlebæk. In Humlebæk, you'll transfer and take a train to Helsingør. In Helsingør, you take a train to Hornbæk". Wait, whuuuut???!! Mind you, those towns were pronounced with a nice heavy Danish accent on top of it.

Station names of my connections to Hornbæk, Denmark

Until I learn to speak Danish (another goal), I've made my life easier by storing a sticky note pad and pen, (along with my map, cash, passport and tickets), when I want to jot down directions- or better yet, have the person giving the directions kindly write them down for me. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring it out without ending up elsewhere!
Handy solution to keeping it all in one place

Louisiana was gorgeous. There's a great architecture show going on now. Truthfully, I got the most out of bonding with the outdoor Calder sculpture, a couple making playful shadows together and photographing them, and watching crazy kids roll down the hill one after another. It's what I needed- lightness.

Hornbæk was a treat. I made my own picnic on the beach surrounded by families doing the same. Luckily I found a room and was off to København this morning. One day soon I hope to return to here with G and have a picnic of our own. We're calling this my "scouting mission".

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