2011 in the rear view mirror

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 flew on by in a blink...  I'm finding myself dreaming & planning 2012 and almost forgetting to look back. Photos are my best memory, so I'm reminding myself what a gift this year was by choosing my memorable moments of 2011 month by month. I was inspired by Tabitha's Emma's post. Hopefully you'll be inspired to compile photos of your 2011 too!

One of my favorite events in our little town is when the Garden Shartse Tibetan Monks visit for the ceremony, Affirming Our Commitment to the Peaceful Coexistence of All People and All Religions.

 Garden Shartse Tibetan Monk in Lotus, California

We welcomed the Year of the Rabbit for Chinese New Year with an annual Lotus Girls' dinner party at our house to celebrate.
golden year of the rabbit
It was a busy bunny month! A show in San Francisco at Velcrow Studio, followed by 10 days in Palm Springs for Modernism Week & the vintage Trailer show at the Riviera Hotel.
My pal, Rebecca Gohl & me at  Modernism Week

Loved my 10 day Palm Springs visit living in my Airstream Caravel!

A trip of a lifetime to Nepal! My husband and I spend 3 weeks in Nepal visiting friends who live there part of the year. It was absolutely amazing.
I went Parahawking! One of the best days in life to date!

Pendleton Catalog Shoot with my '60 Airstream Caravel

Betty Jane, '64 Airstream Bambi II joins our family

Fun time at the Airstream headquarters for Alumapalooza. Gave my seminar on Interior Design for Your Airstream.
Alumapalooza at the Airstream headquarters
The kick ass girls of Lotus, CA. It was nice to be home to catch up.

Tanya- my friend since kindergarten. My true pal!

me on lake winni., nh feeling like my true self

car accident


Morro Bay with lover man G for our anniversary

Betty Jane Bambi II at her fist event!


ma, me, sue, amy got together to celebrate my ma's "big birthday" I love them so, so , so much.

Betty Jane in a TV commercial shoot in Malibu
K & Osa camp at Lake Casitas in Betty Jane
I get a good feeling about 2012 for me and for you. Let's welcome the year with open arms and an open heart. I hope to see you in the new year!


thisiswhyihatenewyork said...

and i thought you had died your hair a rad shade of pink, oh thank goodness you are both AOK!! see you in april if not before. xo

Kristiana Spaulding said...

Lavender is more my shade ;)
It was a lesson in enjoying everyday, that's for sure! Pony is doing just that as well.
See you soon... Thanks for being fantastic you.