The new year is looking good...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

studio make over 
How's 2012 been treating you so far? I'm feeling good about the way things are going. If your year isn't quite right, restart it on January 23rd, Chinese New Year! We're coming up on Year of the Dragon, and that's sure to be a fun adventure.

There's seems to be an ebb and flow to each month of the year at this point in my life. January is one of my favorite months. I love being home after months of traveling and shows and events and business. This is a month of clear skies, being at home, and making new dreams and starts.

One of the starts is refreshing my studio in the historic Fairchild Building on Main Street in Placerville. I share the studio with friend and talented watercolor painter, Tracy Lewis. She agreed with my proposal to paint and so G and I took on the task and created a new palette for the new year. I love it! (My friend Jay said the 2012 photo could be a "Where's Waldo" photo, since you have to look to find Osa in the pic.!

G is in Mexico now, paragliding for two weeks in Valle de Bravo, "Valley of the Brave". Boy, does that man inspire me! I've picked my theme for the new year, and it is "Courage and Fearlessness". Well, there's going to be fear, but that just means it's a challenge. I want to push myself to face new positive challenges, to grow, learn, and experience new things. How about you, what's your theme for 2012?


thisiswhyihatenewyork said...

i think my theme might be "i deserve this." can't wait to see you in april, if not before <3

Jay said...

Mine is overcoming fear!!! Haha, all kidding aside, I have come to face that feeling - pit in your stomach, light-headedness and sometimes hurl-ish. What's so wonderful about all those "uncomfies" is that eventually that fear will become your comfort zone. Every year is your year, Kris...I love experiencing all you are doing through your work, your blog and your travels. XO

Kristiana Spaulding said...


I like your theme! "I deserve these GOOD things" is even better. (Amy is a linguist & is always reminding me to get detailed!).

Girrrrl, you deserve so many wonderful things & I hope they will be yours this year and beyond.


Kristiana Spaulding said...


You face your fear effortlessly (at least that's how it appears to outsiders).On the news, dragon boat team, new job...
I like your point about the uncomfies becoming comfortable. It's important to take stock of what once scared us that no longer does.

Thanks for those sweet words, Jay. This is going to be a great dragon year for all of us. Thanks for being such an inspiration! xo

Marjorie Sanborn said...

The courage to, daily, face - and do - at least one thing that scares you. And it does not need to be something big. It can be anything from opening the door to the unexpected, to learning to say no!

Love you Kristiana! You inspire me on a regular basis!

Kristiana Spaulding said...


Facing something on a daily basis, that's brave, I like it!
Good point about it not having to be big. I'm going to keep that in mind.

Love you & you inspire me as well! I'm looking forward to creative collaborations with you this year.

Here's to courage!


ballarinogirl said...

Inspiring as usual, Kris. I hadn't thought about it but right away I had to say my theme was "New Beginnings". With John Michael just married, Nicole in her first year of college and Becca ending her HS career this May, there can be no other theme. In addition, the house is up for sale, we are working on a property we hope to move into, the business is being reinvented after 17 years and I just started a new job about a month ago. It's been challenging juggling all of this at once but very rewarding. I welcome 2012 and its new beginnings.
Looking forward to reading about your new adventures, as always. Love you. xo xo

Kristiana Spaulding said...


New beginnings is a great theme for the new year; so fitting for your life right now. I don't know if you could squeeze one more thing in that newness. Those are exciting things for everyone in your family. I know you'll do creative things with your fresh slate (and new house when you find the perfect one).

Maybe you'll start the beginning of a new blog...
Thanks for reading & posting. Love you too. ~ K.

Lovely Struck said...

Happy New Year!