the boating bug

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I was raised on sail power and sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee in the summers. One summer my uncle Donald got a motor boat. Uncle Donald was always a real man’s man. He was a progressive old school kind of guy; you know the kind of guy I’m talking about- the guy that likes to live life the way he wants- with fun and no apologies. Some of my favorite memories on the lake are being towed on water-skis behind uncle Donald’s boat, boating to Weirs Beach for ice cream, and watching the fourth of July’s fireworks from the bow.
Sailing and sail power will always be my first love. It is just now that I’m uncovering my secret affection for motorboats and boating. I’ve always had a deep crush on vintage wooden Chris Craft boats, so when I saw this oldie in front of us at the gas dock this week, I knew it must be a sign. It’s the perfect symbol of vintage boating, craftsmanship and fun (plus, I have a 1952 Airstream Bambi- if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!).
I visited Chris Craft’s website this week, just to poke around. Look what I found! A limited edition Silver Bullet Chris Craft.   
What can I say? I’m weak in the knees.
Now if the American River, where I live, was the American Lake, I’d be really, really tempted to start filling my piggy bank to save up for one day. There is Lake Winni, however, and I’m scheduled to take my boating test tomorrow… just in case… Hey, it’s good to have a goal and a dream!
Chris Craft website:


Anonymous said...

Kristi! You are an amazing woman! A true inspiration, just like your mother! Looking forward to watching this dream become a reality, like all the others! =) Love and adore you! XO Ei

Stefan Kits said...

Well..I guess you will like these.

Awsome, handmade in Sweden!

Kristiana Spaulding said...

You were right. I definitely like them! I was salivating while looking at their gorgeous photo gallery. Quality & style down to every last detail. Thank you for sharing that link with me / us. I know I'll be revisiting it often!