Alumapalooza 2010!

Monday, June 28, 2010

What can I say? Alumapalooza really was a dream trip come true. It was a trip that goes down in the travel journal as one of the best trips I can remember. What made it so special? Just being at the place that hand makes the things that I am so passionate about. Airstreams. Being around other people who truly get and appreciate that passion. Sharing my passion in a seminar that people were excited about attending. Meeting customers who are now friends and beautiful models of my jewelry. All of those things combined made for an especially magical trip. I'm making Alumapalooza a yearly pilgrimage for sure.Here's a link to some photos of my Alumapalooza pals:

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Meredith Klassen said...

Hi K - I think the folks you met and who now wear your beautiful art feel just as lucky to have met you! You shine a light as bright as the shiniest Airstream!

Luv ya!