Bruce Littlefield

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am forever singing the praises of the amazing, Bruce Littlefield, (his website photo above) author of Airstream Living. Bruce got me the gig with the TLC show & included me in his fabulous book. After I sent out my e-newsletter yesterday, Bruce posted this on his website:

"Hooked my friend, Kristiana Spaulding at SilverTrailer up with the new TLC show MAKING OVER AMERICA with Trinny & Susannah. These two British makeover dynamos get to live in Kristiana’s sweeeet Tradewind Airstream during their quest to make over America. I featured Kristiana’s Airstream design in my book Airstream Living. Created by the fantastic Devon Graham, the show is clever, the girls are sassy, and the Airstream is a beauty. Premieres Friday, August 21st on TLC. (at left) Trinny, Kristiana, Susannah & Osa girl, in Orlando, Florida.
Watch! All these girls are super fantastic firecrackers!"

Thank you again, Bruce! Check out all of the fabulous things that Bruce Littlefield is up to here on his


Steph Z. said...

OH MY! Kristiana!!
I watched this show and wondered if it was your trailer?!? How crazy. Do you have any inside scoops on the ladies? I want to get on their show so they can come redo my wardrobe too. :) Love your blog by the way.

Kristiana Spaulding said...


Yes, that's my silver baby!
Only scoop I have on the ladies are how fabulous & sassy they are!
They know their stuff. Thanks for the compliments on my blog & thanks for reading it!