airstream cake!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just when I thought life couldn't possibly get any sweeter, my Lotus girlfriends went and threw me a "welcome back & happy belated birthday!" party in Lotus park. My heart lit up when I saw my lotus girls all together by the river. I stopped in my tracks when I laid my eyes on the masterpiece waiting for me. Yes, it's my Airstream Tradewind in cake form. The amazing, Miss Suzanne made it; she got every detail down to the rivets, window placement and the marshmallow propane tank. Is she amazing or what?! These girls brought yummy potluck dishes and even made me handmade cards.
Ummmmm, whatever I did in my past life must have been really, really good to deserve such gifts in my life. Thank you Suzanne, Gigi, Julie, Denise, Mahala, & Kelly! I love you girls - you make coming home so very sweet.

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