home sweet home

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guess who's back home? Yes! It's me! It was a "milagro" (miracle) trip; one that I will always treasure. Chestnut made me proud on the way home. I coaxed her through the passes of the high desert at 107 degrees and she came through. I arrived on Monday afternoon (July 27th). I made it in 4 1/2 days, stopping along route 66 for fun photo ops. Almost 10,000 miles in 7 1/2 weeks on the road. I met so many different people, and saw places on my list I have always wanted to see; I accomplished a huge goal of towing my giant "home away from home" father than I ever dreamed possible. The collaboration with TLC was so fun, especially to see behind the scenes and meet the crew. I can't wait to see the show (Aug. 21st on TLC is the 1st episode).
I love being home, seeing things with fresh eyes and new appreciation. I've got road fever in my veins now and am already planning another trip (maybe with one of the smaller baby Airstreams though!).


Jasmin Zorlu said...

Wow, that's so great, I will have to watch it. Were you actually in the show?

Kristiana Spaulding said...

Hey Jasmin!

My Airstream will be in the show- (an extension of me!).
Maybe me towing it too.

Keep on making those beautiful hats, chica!
(got to give my s.f. girl a shout out!).


Spaulding said...

I love this picture of MILAGRA!

Welcome back home!

BTW, your TLC show's hosts are featured in O Magazine this month. "Making Over America" is getting good press! Can't wait to see the show.

Spaulding said...

See Oprah's "O" Magazine this month -- they have a little feature on Trinny and her co-host and they mention the show, "Making Over America" that your Airstream is in. Can't wait to see it!