Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Before I left on my road trip this summer, I ordered my very first new car (gasp, not vintage?!). A Mini Cooper Clubman stole my heart. My lil' Mini arrived and waited in our garage while I was on my east coast adventure. Of course I'm still pledging my love to Chestnut, my 1969 GMC pickup, but after two months together lugging around a 4,000 pound trailer, we need a little time apart. Chestnut is enjoying being a local, doing her regular trips to the dump and being a "work truck" again. My lil' Mini and I are doing some serious bonding in the meantime. (If only the Clubman / Fritz Hansen combo was reality & not a concept, my dreams would be answered!) Soooo... new car and Osa doggie. Hmmmmm. I did a little online search and I found Pooch Style. Juliana, the owner of Pooch Style is fantastic. She's a great business woman and online friend. I ordered a custom mat so Osa could hang in my Clubman, and is it so beautifully made, I love it. Osa loves it. Next I'm going to order a backseat mat, and maybe a little boat bed to go with the Beebo trailer theme! Juliana also has mats for BMW's, PT Cruisers, leashes, coats, beds & lot more.

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Spaulding said...

Nice hat, Osa! You are one stylish dog!