the dream roller

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wow, have I got stories to tell! I've been on the road for three weeks now. A day on the road packs so much detail into every hour. New interactions & observations are happening continually. I've kept an audio diary (iphone app) to track my journey; it's funny to hear the emotion of the day that gets lost on a piece of paper. There have been a full range of emotions recorded, that's for sure! One of my favorite moments was spotting this sign in Chincoteague, Virginia, the day before my birthday. I was wearing my Trailer Dream necklace, on my dream adventure of road tripping with my Airstream. It was sweet confirmation to me that I am on an amazing path and of how fortunate I am.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

hey! i used to live on chincoteague, went to all four years high school there, and used to roller skate here. now how about that?? my parents still live there.
glad you're having a great time. give me a holler if you end up near or in richmond! :D

Kristiana Spaulding said...

You have got to be kidding me!
What a small world. I absolutely love knowing that you used to skate there, what a great place. (It's for sale...!)
I just missed you in Richmond, darn. Let me know if you're ever out to California!

Anonymous said...

the airstream is such a catalyst to dreams.
keep sharing your stories from this one please. always an inspiration
prompted my own visual blog on my silver dream

(actually, was in response to someone attempting a wood interior...)

thanks again.