how the...?!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So this girl walk into the vet's office... and two hours later she's planning to leave in two days for a cross country adventure! That's pretty much how it happened. Last year I kept asking out loud, "Doesn't someone want to pay me to road trip with Osa and my Airstream?!" (I'd add G into the mix, but he's so active that it's not really his thang). One year later I'm at UCDavis vet school with G and Osa and I get an email on my phone from TLC asking just that- if I'd be interested in towing my Airstream down the east coast to be used in a part of an upcoming show. I didn't even need time to think about it- Yes I would! I owe a huge thank you to Bruce Littlefield who wrote Airstream Living (among other fabulous books), he's the one who referred TLC to me. You rock, Bruce! I owe you one, okay two or three. So...Two days to pack up for a two month trip, it was on!


Meredith Klassen said...

Hey Kristiana - wowie kazowi! That is SO COOL! TLC is the bomb...and, what an adventure towing that silver toaster all that way too. I'll be waiting breathlessly to hear some stories from the road...keep us posted!

t said...

You are a lucky girl with a lucky dog. I am very envious, I struggle to sleep because I want my Airstream Dream to be reality. Maybe some day our trailers will pass on the road and stop to say hello. Have fun!

missysue said...

Congrats!!!! That is amazing! I have some airstream pics I that I've been meaning to process and post so that you can see them ;) Actually, I have one on my splash page to my site now!! I was modeling/post producing for a music video and there was one on the set! It was funny, cause you were the first person that came to mind!!! Hope you and Osa have an amazing trip!!!!