how the...?!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So this girl walk into the vet's office... and two hours later she's planning to leave in two days for a cross country adventure! That's pretty much how it happened. Last year I kept asking out loud, "Doesn't someone want to pay me to road trip with Osa and my Airstream?!" (I'd add G into the mix, but he's so active that it's not really his thang). One year later I'm at UCDavis vet school with G and Osa and I get an email on my phone from TLC asking just that- if I'd be interested in towing my Airstream down the east coast to be used in a part of an upcoming show. I didn't even need time to think about it- Yes I would! I owe a huge thank you to Bruce Littlefield who wrote Airstream Living (among other fabulous books), he's the one who referred TLC to me. You rock, Bruce! I owe you one, okay two or three. So...Two days to pack up for a two month trip, it was on!


t said...

You are a lucky girl with a lucky dog. I am very envious, I struggle to sleep because I want my Airstream Dream to be reality. Maybe some day our trailers will pass on the road and stop to say hello. Have fun!

missysue said...

Congrats!!!! That is amazing! I have some airstream pics I that I've been meaning to process and post so that you can see them ;) Actually, I have one on my splash page to my site now!! I was modeling/post producing for a music video and there was one on the set! It was funny, cause you were the first person that came to mind!!! Hope you and Osa have an amazing trip!!!!