1953 aljoa trailer

Monday, April 7, 2008

Well folks, meet another trailer, "Mildred" aka "Babe". This is the "before" image of my one and only 1950's era trailer. It is gorgeous on the inside, blond curved birch with beautiful hardware on the cabinets. Everything feels solid and well made. Of course, there's some water damage by the vents, and below the windows. Thanks to the Yahoo Shasta forum, I've learned a lot about specific materials for these trailers. G has been working on this guy, replacing every rusted screw with a stainless one (400 and counting!), new seals around the window (from www.vintagetrailersupply.com ) , and we've both been taking turns stripping the paint. Next, we'll replace foam in cushions and replace water damaged birch panels. This will be our kiteboarding trailer parked next to a fantastic windy spot this summer. Yesssssss!


lantzn said...

Hello my wife and I just bought an Aljoa trailer out of Oregon this summer. We plan on restoring it as well. How's your progress coming?


Hades Creed said...

I have a 1953 Roadcraft that could be your trailers twin. I find myself trying to find info and yours is the closest I have been able to come upon. Hany suggestions?

Kristiana Spaulding said...

Hello Hades,

There are a lot of great forums out there as well as rallies to attend. If you can make it down to California in May, there is a great vintage trailer rally in Pismo Beach. You will see many different trailers there, maybe even a Roadcraft, and owners are always more than willing to trade tips, etc..

You may want to contact Lantz (the comment above you) as well.
I'd love to know how his trailer is doing.

My Aljoa is known as "Summer Camp".
We use it as our vacation spot and other thank that, I haven't tackled the restoration. It's in decent condition and that's good with me. I have my Airstreams keeping me busy enough!

It's the wood frame beneath the veneer that has me hesitating. In the meantime, the propane lamp is great and ice box does its job.

I have another friend with an Aljoa, I can put you in touch with him if you'd like to email me.

Hope that helps!