Happy 12 Year Anniversary, Osa Pony!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Anniversary to our pup, Osa Pony! Twelve years ago we adopted four month old Osa Pony from the Lodi Animal Shelter, via PetFinder.com .

We never know how much time we have with our canines or humans- it's such a lesson to tell the ones we love how much we adore them. I'll have to read this out loud to her.

Dear Pony,

When we brought you home, we were head over heels love with you and your adorable self.
We love you more and more with each passing year.

You settled in quickly an took a liking to Airstreams.

... and soon discovered with Airstreaming, comes adventure.

...and relaxation mixed with patience.

You remind me to try new things and to be brave.

You're also a great judge of character.

(photo ©Brown Cannon III)
You've been by my side through many fun times. 

 ...including crossing the country a few times together.

             You constantly remind me to slow down and take in the beauty around us....


... and to be persistent when I want something. (Breakfast in your case here).

   You're always happy to see me with a smile, and you let me know you've missed me!

You've been a best friend to many.

                                  You bring comfort and love wherever you go.

 You're a professional snuggler....

and you're always up for adventure!


Thank you for being a teacher, confidant, co-pilot, and devoted friend. You're my girl and I love you so. You continue to bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives!

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