10 Tips - Dream and Manifest

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm all for creative Sundays, especially when they involve writing down dreams and plans in a beautiful notebook and creating inspiring images to look at.

Here's an image I created to inspire you and me. It's of Betty Jane, my 1964 Airstream Bambi II, with a quote by Wally Byam, founder of Airstream. 

I hope it will remind you to follow your dreams and make them happen. Dreaming is half the fun and manifesting is magic and action coming together. 

I put together some tips for you that I like to use to make a dream happen.

1. Write down 3 dreams you have.  Each dream will need its own piece of paper for space to grow. If you like working on your computer, do that- just be sure to print out the pages when you're done with this exercise so you can write things down on the spot when ideas come to you.  

2. What is it that you love about each of these dreams? Write it down next to each dream. Try not to self judge, just write freely.

3. How you will you feel when you reach each dream? Scribble it out on the paper- doodles, words and feelings.

4. Which one of these dreams means the most to you right now? Try not to use "should" in this equation, just think of the one that stands out and lights you up when you think about it.

5. What are the next steps you can take toward this particular dream? Maybe it's making a call, sending an email, doing research... Do a brain dump and write down all of the steps you can imagine it will take. Once you have them down, put a number next to each of them to put them in order.

6. When will you take this step? Schedule and exact day and time, put it on your calendar / circle it / create an alert if it's a digital calendar.

7. On the scheduled action step day, keep your promise! You wouldn't blow off an appointment you made with someone else, would you? You deserve to follow through on this. Already took the step? Act on the next one. Or, you really can't keep this appointment? Immediately make a new date and time and follow through when the time arrives.

8. Make time and space in your life to manifest your dream. Often, it takes less time than we think to take one little step. What if you take time off during the week from Facebook, Instagram, TV, texting, shopping (insert your vice here), and spend that time taking action on your dream? Maybe it's one day a week off. Maybe it's the entire month. Where can you find pockets of time? While you're waiting on line...walking your dog...having morning coffee? Spend that time on your dream.

9. Keep brainstorming ideas and ways to get closer to your dream. Think of places where you get your best ideas (driving, in the shower, walking perhaps). Keep your notebook handy and write them down and schedule them. (I have a white board just outside my shower and a notebook in my car and purse for ideas when they pop up). Transfer those ideas to your dream paper to keep them in one place.

10. Form a goal group. Meet regularly with a supportive friend or two to share and brainstorm goals and dreams. Offer and receive encouragement and ideas. Hold each other accountable and follow up regularly to check progress. This is has been a huge help in my life!

Step by step, you will make your dreams happen. Now go grab that paper and a pen or your computer, and start with step #1 above...

Feel free to share here:

1. Your big dream.
2. Your next step and when you will take it.
3. Any tips you have to make dreams come true.

I'd love to hear them and cheer you on!!

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