Monday, September 9, 2013

Say hello to my little friend… Projecteo!

Projecteo makes himself at home in Vegas

I am in love with this little guy. I want to build a miniature Airstream so I can have miniature slide shows inside of it.

Projecteo's side view

This is a combination of an old school View Master, a slide projector, and Instagram photos all in one adorable little package. Projecteo was sweet enough to send me an invite to try one. I went to their site, accessed my Instagram photos and chose the ones I wanted to have on my mini reel. I decided I'd go with a Downtown Vegas theme and selected the photos I've taken since I've been here 7 months ago. My Projecteo soon arrived in the mail and it was even smaller than I expected. I have a soft spot for miniature cute things, who doesn't? (Giant clip not included).

It's a really simple assembly: Turn the projector over, slide off the battery cover, insert batteries, insert reel, find a dark space, turn on & enjoy!

Here are some of the images on my reel. I tried my best to get photos of them, they look better in person and on a smooth surface. How neat it was to see them illuminated!

These were projected on my bumpy wall. A nice smooth surface is best for a crisp image.

When not in use, I keep my little friend on my desk as a reminder to go out and explore, and enjoy my travels with my little friend when I return. Thank you, Projecteo!

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Monica said...

I'm going to have to get myself one of those! How adorable and fun !!