airstream bambi at the beach

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Osa and I got a dose of la playa last weekend and let me tell you, it recharged me and at the same time, relaxed me. We needed that! I wish G could've joined us, but he was holding down the fort in Vegas (did I tell you he's on the Airstream 2 Go team now too?!). Yup, I am soooo glad to have him on board and in Vegas with us!

Here are some photos from our coastal adventure. Our motivation was an invitation from Coastal Living magazine to include us in an upcoming article. Hey, you can twist my arm to hit the beach anytime!

The view from my Bambi II's window

Betty Jane, Bambi II on the beach. Yes, this is our campsite!

I am one happy camper! Osa is one tired and happy camper!

Thank you notes were written by the sound of the ocean

Hey, look who joined us- Alison and Maxie!

I've decided I'm going to put a coastal visit on the calendar each month now that Betty Jane, Bambi II is living in Vegas with us too. It's the perfect getaway!
I hope you'll make time for a fun getaway adventure too...


Spaulding said...

I love the picture of you and Osa lounging! Great shot!

modaspia said...

i bet that was fun ... we're gearing up for some serious tent camping soon. looking forward to seeing the little lakes up north. glad to hear your husband is out that way now too. xo

Kristiana Spaulding said...


Thanks, sweetie. Your tent camping plans at the lakes sound divine.

Sending you and Placerville lots of love!