diy project: theater letters for the office

Friday, March 22, 2013

OH, how wonderful you look today, OH

The walls in my apartment needed a little something. Naturally, I headed to my latest favorite shop, SWAG. SWAG is too close to my apartment for my own good (it's also diagonal from the "Pawn Stars" shop if you're ever in the area). The owners are wonderful and they're always updating their Facebook page with their latest finds. They have a room in the back of the store where I've found some good treasures, including these old theater letters. They had the letters S H O hanging on the wall. Stacked to the side they also have an I and a U. For a while I was tempted to get the H O for Jay's last name, but I thought that would be... well more of a constant reminder. Then I thought OH! Ohhhhhhh?...  Oooohhhhh. The word OH is so great! With different tweaks of inflection, it can express so much!

From Merriam Webster's website:

The word "OH"

Definition of OH

—used to express an emotion (as surprise or desire) or in response to physical stimuli
—used in direct address;oh, waiter! Will you come here, please?
—used to express acknowledgment or understanding of a statement
—used to introduce an example or approximation

                      Oh, what a great interjection it is! Here is my OH project.

Osa provides encouraging creative support. She's thrilled in a really relaxed way.

Theater Letters Project

This is a pretty simple DIY project, and hopefully it will inspire you to find your personal word.

What you'll need:

Theater letters
Hair dryer
Olive Oil
Cotton balls or pads

So, first to locate the theater letters. There's Craig's List, Etsy and of course your local antique store. Here's how the letters looked when I bought them.

The price stickers were a little stubborn to remove, so I loosened them with the heat from a hair dryer.

To remove the rest of the sticky goo and get an uniform black without painting the letter, I used a couple of drops of olive oil on a cotton pad. (I got the glass holder for the cotton from SWAG too). 

Coat the surface very lightly with the olive oil and focus on getting the sticker remains off. Remove excess olive oil with a clean cotton pad

 Get out your level, hammer and nails, and hang in the perfect spot.
You can sharpie the nail heads black if you want them to blend with the letters.

OH! How lovely.


modaspia said...

do they still have my U ?!!
looks totally cool ... miss you back here.

Kristiana Spaulding said...

I'll get the U for YOU if they still have it. Thinking of you & Main Street P'ville!

Spaulding said...

LOVE the DIY vibe of this. Hope you will show us how to make more magic!