"Twigging" - Towing with a wig on

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The past couple of shows I've done, in San Francisco and Palm Springs, I sported my favorite lavender wig at some point during the show. Open Studios in San Francisco fell on Halloween last year and there was a 60's party in Palm Springs.  

Me being camera shy, despite the wig!
 ©Alison Turner Photography

Wearing a wig automatically puts me in a good mood (except when it starts getting itchy!), and gives me a feeling of being slightly anonymous. 
I towed the Airstream home while wearing the wig and decided I'd like to do more "twigging". Sounds like a good term for it, right?!

It put me in a good mood and made the ride that much more fun.

Little did I know, it's related to the definitions of twig I found online:
Verb: "To observe or notice". Noun: "style; fashion"

Are you into wigs? Towed with one? Email me a photo please! If you haven't twigged before, male or female, I highly recommend it!

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Jay said...

no shyness allowed when wearing a wig...think new orleans, girlfriend!!!