The time is now

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September was back to school time. September triggered in me the need to learn, and grow, and move forward. What did & do I need to improve upon? Business. I've sprung forward, forging my own way by way of intuition and passion. That's wonderful, but what about finances, record keeping, business planning? So stifling, yet so necessary. I signed up for a "mini MBA" course with the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco. Here we are in October,  it's week four and I am energized, inspired, and am thrilled to learn all of those things I have procrastinated on learning. As I type this, I just got word of Steve Job's death. I'm somehow surprised that my breath is taken away with tears in my eyes. This man has been such an inspiration in our lifetime. This video of Steve Job's commencement address at Stanford is one that I have watched for inspiration when I need it.  How about you? Will you vow here and now to sign up for a course, challenge yourself to commit to something?  It will be well worth it,  it will. What is it that "your heart and intuition truly want to become?".

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