Bedrock City, baby!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When I was a kid watching the Flintstones on t.v., I was always mesmerized by the houses that that Fred & Wilma and the gang lived in. I was like a kid again this summer when Osa and I were on our way to the Grand Canyon (with my Airstream in tow) and we came across THE Bedrock! Bedrock City!It was the coolest thing ever. I always imagined myself in the rooms on t.v. and these houses were created to live out that  fantasy. Not to mention they have a driftwood truck towing a Bedrock travel trailer out front! It was honestly one of my favorite stops of the 10k miles we covered that trip. If you're into the Flintstones, or even just funky architecture, add this stop to your list.    You'll feel like a kid again!

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