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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I always feel touched when friends say, "I saw this and thought of you".
Recently my Uncle Bill gave me this treasured photo that he found in an old family photo album. If you look closely at the photo (double click it), it appears to be a happy camper waving an arm out the window, as if starting an exciting journey. I know this feeling. It's the feeling of freedom and excitement for the road ahead. It's a love of the silver nest you see in your review mirror. It's one of my favorite feelings in the world. Now when someone asks me how I got into Airstreams, I'll tell them "It's in my genes".

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Anonymous said...

You made my day (again)! I hadn't noticed the 'follow this blog' on your sidebar until today and 'whoo hoo!' how about that Meredith's blog? I'm so excited for her! Two Girls and a Trailer is also new to me, so it was a two-new-blogs-happy day.

I remember you writing about your sister's business and will follow her blog, too! My BA is in English, Creative Writing (Univ. of Colorado, '91) - never did get the MFA I was headed to Stanford for, but the babies came along... Long story. Anyway, I'm working on a few children's picture books, have taken a seminar, and will be thankful for your sister's blog as I resume a career with almost 20 years of rust! Wait, aluminum DOESN'T rust and that's what's we're made of!

Sorry to be so long here, but I'm just so excited about all the new connections, and so thankful to you for being at the shiny silver center of it all! I'm so amazed at where this Airstream journey is taking me!

PS Hang in there with the kitchen. I don't know why they go to deserted islands to film 'Survivor', they should just film kitchen remodels.