k's boondocking essential #1

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sony ICF-M410V Portable FM/AM/TV/Weather Radio (boondocking item #1)
"radio love"
I've been accused of having a somewhat unhealthy relationship with my Sony radio. I just used it on my 7 hour road trip yesterday in place of the built in 1969 radio in my truck. I can't fall asleep without it if I go to bed before midnight. I also love to design at my jewelry bench while listening to Letterman. When the power was out, it was great to hear updates on the storm on the news. When I'm boondocking ( 'streamin without power & water) little sony is my best friend. This is several years old now and hard to find. Also, only one more year of "listening" to t.v. shows on this portable radio until t.v. goes digital. I guess I'll have to start weening myself off this radio slowly...

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