Air Guitar

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I bought a guitar on Wednesday to use as a prop for a wedding in the desert along side my Airstream. The bride and groom were a lovely young couple from New Zealand, and the groom suggested the guitar for photos. I found a simple vintage (said to be 1960's) Japanese guitar 3 miles away in Las Vegas. The owner of the guitar was super nice and made the guitar sound great. He said a couple of the nylon strings need to replaced. I told him I wouldn't be playing it, that it was for a wedding with an Airstream. He went inside and brought out a soft guitar case, and a workbook with the title, Teach Yourself Guitar. He said, "Just in case you want to learn to play one day".

As I set up the Airstream before the bride and groom arrived, the wind blew and the guitar chords hummed. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding, and I stayed late after everyone left to look at the stars while sitting on the bumper of my Airstream strumming the strings of the guitar. 

Once back at the lot, I read the handbook while lying in bed, holding the guitar the exact wrong way the manual said to. That's okay, it was more comfy that way.

The next night I went to an open mic jam at the Airstream Park. The AC quit on my Airstream that day, so I decided I didn't want the risk of my guitar warping in the heat, so I carried it with me around downtown. It's also a nice replacement to carrying a drink, since I'm on the wagon this month. As I'm sitting with my guitar, I hear Daniel Park on the mic say from the stage, "I see someone with a guitar out there. Why don't you come up and play with our band?" Ummmmm... "I bought it yesterday", I answered. "That's okay, come up and try. Now, normally that invite would absolutely mortify me, but I found myself jumping up and heading to the stage with my guitar that I had no idea how to play. Well, it was a blast. Stone cold sober and a big grin on my face I just moved to the music and played air classical guitar. I woke up the next day smiling at my guitar. That's when I decided to name the guitar "Yūki". 
Yūki is Japanese for courage, yuki also means snow, and happiness. Those are all wonderful things.
Yūki and I headed out through the Mojave desert to my favorite stretch of Joshua Trees. Usually I have Osa Pony with me, but she's in CA this week, so I got Yūki to pose for me. There's something about a guitar in the desert, it just seems to fit.

On we went to visit my Argosy in Palm Springs. I stayed up late reading my guitar handbook, and I fell in love with the sound of the cord of G7. I'd be content just knowing that cord.

And so, I hope this passion for my new guitar friend Yūki will continue. As for now, I'm understanding the connection one gets to her musical instrument. It's like a friend who comes along for the journey with you and shows you all of the cool places you've been.