eriba familia

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have I mentioned how very groovy & good it feels to be home? It sooooo does. Yesterday I saw 20 wild turkeys having a party in the yard and a red tail hawk flying by as I drove in the driveway. The breeze is good, the river is welcoming and how wonderful to be home with my man & Osa all together again.
Projects! I uncovered the Eriba trailer today I have recently named it, "Beebo" after my Grandfather. He loved Volkswagens & sailboats and that is exactly what this little trailer reminds me of. I'm so excited that my window coverings are going to be made from an old jib sheet from Beebo's boat, the SPRAY, a 23' O'Day. I love the feel of a sail in my hand, the sound it makes and how tactile it is. Ahhhhh, memories of sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee. It's a long time coming, but the time is just right. Just wanted to share the excitement!
I hope you're starting a project that make you giddy too.

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